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Leverage our business intelligence implementation services to foster data-driven business decisions.

What We Can Do For You

Building on our considerable years of hands-on experience of BI Solution lifecycle implementation, PGLabs provides a whole suite of BI services designed to step up your business decision-making.

BI Consulting Services

BI implementation roadmap
Power BI implementation plan
Solution architecture development
Big Data synchronization algorithms
BI architecture audit
BI architecture blueprinting
Architecture enhancement planning

BI Complete Solution Development

Business requirement & BI solution design
ETL process design and implementation
Data Quality assurance
Data Modeling for analytical performance
Data visualization design
Reports, Dashboards, and Apps Development
Hands-on UX validation
Key users training

Microsoft Power BI Services

Performance analysis and optimization
Power BI training and consultancy
Data visualization & UX design reshape
Reporting automation
Power apps development
Process automation with Power Automate
Data governance consultancy

BI Implementation Strategy Key Use Cases

We design smart business intelligence implementation solutions for a wide range of domains to address unique industry challenges.

BI Warehousing for Intelligent Marketing & Sales

Analyze and consolidate massive amounts of client data in a single storage location to present your products and services individually in accordance with consumer preferences and demands. Use dynamic dashboards and reports to identify possible sales opportunities and increase income.

Become a top performer and influence your KPIs with a quick and agile decision-making hub built particularly for marketing and sales.

Smart Financial Planning

You may collect, organize, and analyze data linked to the present condition of business using specialized fintech business intelligence and Big Data analytics solutions, as well as predict financials and plan your budget in advance.

When you request our BI implementation services, you will receive the following benefits:
Process optimization in business
Analyzing massive amounts of data
Reporting and data visualization
Decision-making is simplified.
Reduced risk exposure
Trend forecasting.

Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions

Want to learn more about cost management, operations, and profitability? Infuse our proprietary BI tools with predictive analysis to provide visibility and proactive management across the production process.

Adopt intelligent BI end-user reporting for more efficient inventory and invoicing management. Visualize large amounts of data to make decisions quicker and simpler. Using disruptive technologies, detect irregularities and avert equipment breakdowns.

Logistics & Transportation

Utilize Big Data development solutions to provide data-driven logistics operations for increased operational efficiency and smarter flexibility. With simple BI solutions, you may increase order processing capacity, improve delivery routes, and predict demand.

The PGLabs team works with logistics firms to develop a business intelligence implementation plan that allows them to leverage logistics analytics and transform logistics data into meaningful insights.