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We combine powerful data lakes and warehouses at PGLabs, allowing for uniform governance and easy data flow.

Modern Data Architecture Engineering Services

Modern data architecture engineering services to help your company succeed.

Agile Client Data Strategy

Define how your data will be gathered, stored, processed, and used, from raw data to actionable insights.

Data Ecosystem Implementation

Create a high-performing data environment to drive company value and revenue growth.

Data Warehouse Strategy

Implement current data architecture services to improve the reliability, consistency, and completeness of your data.

Data Catalog

Improve data accessibility throughout the whole organization and provide meaningful insights to every department.

Data Management

With Big Data engineering, you can increase the visibility of your company datasets, allowing for easier data search and analysis.

Analytics Process Optimization

Prevent data worries and misuse with a strong data services architecture tailored to your requirements.

Why choose us?

PGLabs' knowledge in Big Data and data architecture extends from data strategy formulation and ecosystem implementation to analytics process improvement.

Top-Notch Team

We are a talented group of AI software developers with years of expertise in designing AI-based solutions.

Strong Tech Expertise

We provide modern data architecture consulting services and develop solutions to help customers accelerate their digital transformation.

Reliable Technology Provider

Since 2011, we’ve been delivering reliable solutions, investing in customer relationships, and most importantly, building brand trust.

Favorable Cooperation Terms

We provide customizable collaboration conditions that are most suited to your project's objectives and goals.