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We create blockchain applications, wallets, exchanges and more on Solidity, CosmWasm, Ethereum Layer 2, Polygon, Terraform, Rust, and Python.

Smart companies are making a shift with blockchain

Because blockchain was designed for more than just cryptocurrencies, it provides several potential advantages for businesses and technology entrepreneurs.

There are many blockchain application cases in the financial services industry. However, we are already seeing firms branch out and use the potential of blockchain in a variety of different sectors, such as supply chain management or transmitting information such as education credentials or even identification. And at PGLabs, we work closely with our customers to determine how these blockchain capabilities may be used in their sector. We provide blockchain solutions to both startups and established businesses. Blockchain applications can be mobile or desktop in nature and we operate on the most widely used blockchain platform.

Trusted & Transparent

Blockchain technology acts as a trustworthy conduit for transactions between people and devices.

Realtime Settlement

In comparison to old third-party authentication systems which took days to settle, the settlement time is negligible.

Unmatched Security

Security is built on a succession of blocks that store data in a "cryptographic hash function," each with its own "hash" key and timestamps.

Why choose us?

We aim to provide solutions that are affordable, simple and highly customized and tailored to your organizational needs.

Full-Stack Python blockchain developers

Our full-stack python developers and experts know how to make the top-notch apps on blockchain technology.

Vast knowledge of technologies

Whether you grasp the complexities of Blockchain, our skilled blockchain consultants will help you through the development cycle, from strategy to picking the correct technology for the project.