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PowerGate Labs

PowerGate Labs is the Leading Innovator in Artificial Intelligence art and delighted to present Cézanne AI Crypto Arts, a one-of-a-kind crypto artwork collection of 6,666 top-notch paintings were drawn by unique PowerGate Lab’s AI under the most influential artist spirit all the time.

Succeeding over a decade of research and work in Japan, Mr. Trang a Ph.D. in Computer Science has teamed up with Mr. Nevill – the founder of PowerGate Labs and known as president of PowerGate Group who has 20 years of experience in the information technology industry and Mr. Tuan – a renowned art professor to leverage their insights to bring the world-class Cézanne AI Crypto Arts to life through their launch on PowerGate Labs and OpenSea.

PowerGate Labs is proud to be a member of PowerGate Group – a global corporation that nurtures technology innovation into life, carrying the mission and responsibility of creating fancy technology products, aiming to change the world better. We believe that PowerGate Labs is unique, Cézanne AI Crypto Arts collection is exclusively owned by PowerGate Labs, ensuring transparency for you, and widely sold on the global blockchain network marketplace.

Our Team Leaders

They have leveraged their insights to reborn the most outstanding landscapes in the world under Cézanne’s style by PowerGate Labs’ unique AI.

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Trang M.

Ph.D. in Computer Science, Kyoto University, Japan.
Head of AI at PowerGate Group
Co-founder of PowerGate Labs


Hung Dg.

Ph.D. in Mathematics,
Master of Science in Statistics & Data Science, University of Houston – Houston, TX.
Data Scientist at PowerGate Labs

Tu Ng 2_Cezanne AI_20211209041941+0000

Tu Ng.

MSc in Computer Science
Data Scientist at DBS Bank, Vortexa, Truemoney.
AI Lead at PowerGate Labs

Nevill Ng.

Experienced Technology Leader
President of PowerGate Group
Founder of PowerGate Labs


Tuan Vu.

Senior Art Assessment Professor
Founder of Atena Gallery
Art Leader at PowerGate Labs

Our Collections & Projects

Cézanne AI Crypto Arts

For the first time in NFT history, Paul Cézanne’s soul has been perfectly recreated through 6,666 of the world’s most famous landscape paintings such as the Eiffel Tower (France), the Statue of Liberty (New York), and so on by our Cézanne AI. Although Cézanne – a master of 19th-century painting geniuses passed away in 1906, Cézanne AI as an outstanding descendant has successfully continued to preserve the pinnacle of Cézanne Art.​

Van Gogh AI Crypto Arts ​​

Don’t keep you waiting too long, PowerGate Labs continues to launch the Van Gogh AI Crypto Art collection. The collection once again recreates the soul and style of Vincent Van Gogh – one of the 5 greatest Dutch painters in art history through his paintings of the most reputable football players in the world like Ronaldo, Messi, Pele,…It’s been more than 115 years since Van Gogh passed away, but the uniqueness of his art has been perfectly redrawn by our Van Gogh AI​.


Cézanne AI Crypto Arts Launching

Cézanne AI Crypto Arts Collection will be launching on Dropspace. A premium platform for top-tier NFTs.

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