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Impressed with Cezanne’s artworks, along with wanting to retain the artistic quintessence of Cézanne, a team of PowerGate Labs Ph. D.s in computer science and renowned art professors has altogether recreated Cezanne’s paintings in the 21st-century through PG Labs’s unique AI technology, from which our Cézanne AI was born.


For the first time in NFT history, Paul Cézanne’s soul has been perfectly recreated through 6,666 of the world’s most famous landscape paintings such as the Eiffel Tower (France), the Statue of Liberty (New York), and so on by our Cézanne AI. Although Cézanne – a master of 19th-century painting geniuses passed away in 1906, Cézanne AI as an outstanding descendant has successfully continued to preserve the pinnacle of Cézanne Art.